Jesus Coming in the Clouds

Had a vision of Jesus coming in the clouds but it was directly in front of everywhere I looked. I could see both normal “in front of me” as well as the vision. The vision was bright, crazy bright, and it was like a bright light that would eventually overpower the normal temporal-earth vision we use from day-to-day.

Angel whispered something about my being stronger after prayer in church

Haplened last week.

So I prayed in a church and was walking out and someone whispered on my right side something with the word “stronger” in it. Then I became confused with a bunch of thoughts, something about “power”. It was weird because the audible voice was very close, in perfect English (rare here especially in church). I was thinking about it as I walked to school and the being showed it’s face before me.

Angel Flying Into Back

I was sitting here in front of my Surface working on my Polish when a being flew into my back. Unlike the times in the past, especially when I was being harassed, this was not a star but more like a translucent, somewhat shiny being that just went up to my lower back and then went in. As it did my perception shifted a bit, as if all of a sudden I, myself, kind of came into my own back and then into the proper sitting position I was in. I say kind of because I was experiencing more than vantage point simultaneously; my normal one and the one that just entered into me.

I don’t know what he flew into me for.

Angel Telling Me I’m Funny

So I was kind of thinking of something I was doing a few months ago and started giggling thinking, “I thought that was funny.” Just then a bright luminous being flew out of my torso region.  Then it occurred to me that maybe the person talking with me, saying they get a kick of stuff I do, was that angel.

Vision of People Towards (into?) Me

So the other night before falling asleep, I saw all these people standing around and sort of walking towards me; someone close to me seemed to walk right into me. I’m currently in Toulouse but had a similar vision in Berlin. I guess they’re being awoken to the gospel and are the fish I’ve caught? (“Fishers of Men”)

“We’re going to speak in tongues.”

So today at church we were all praising the Lord, each one saying something like “Hallelujah, thank you Jesus, etc.” A light flew over me – maybe an angel, maybe not (no idea) – and then someone told me (maybe or maybe not the light, no idea) “We’re going to speak in tongues,” in a very authoritative manner. So while I was praising I started speaking in tongues but stopped a bit afterwards. A little while later I spoke in tongues again.

Vision of Nun Caring for Me

As I’ve mentioned before, I’m subject of a mind-control/brainwashing operation since some people believe I’m making stuff up and hypnotized myself. They use hidden speakers to induce semi-hypnotic states (repeating tones, music, etc.) as well as to make suggestions. It’s weird but they’ve been doing this for over 10 years so I’m not too freaked out about it.

But lately they’ve been playing a high-pitched tone that gives me a headache. They do this pretty regularly whenever I go through my other-language vocabulary drills, but do it other times as well in order to disturb/manipulate me, as was the case this morning. I awoke hearing the high-pitched ringing which soon gave me a headache. But I didn’t want to get up so I just lay there trying to get back to sleep. As I lay there this morning in a dazed state, eyes closed, a woman in a nun-outfit walked up to me to check on me. She may have placed her hand on my torso as she did so in order to comfort me. I guess all looked good to her becauase she turned around and walked off assumedly to check on other nearby patients as it seemed as if I was in an open ward with numerous beds with other sick persons in them whom she looked after.

German Speaker Teacher

So again last night, I was trying to go to bed and was hearing a lot of German being spoken. I was in semi lalaland, aware of it, not knowing for sure if it was the harassment or not, but I kind of figured it wasn’t since normally that sounds much farther away and this was near, if not in, me.

Then I was looking at a bobbed-hair blond woman who was speaking these German words. She was walking around teaching; she was teaching in German. At first I was right next to her and then she walked off and around presumably her desk before looking back at the the class. i saw only her, not the class at all, and I was wondering who she was. I studied her face to see if there were any masculine features to see if she may have been a transsexual; I was not sure. Then the vision faded and I was left wondering who she was. It occurred to me that maybe I was her?

The vision itself was quite clear, very obvious; I didn’t have to stretch to see something in the darkness as I would in the hypnotically*-induced visions. It was more like it was presented to me for some reason. Which heightens my curiosity

*) this is really mind control since it’s not done with permission

German Speaking Girls

So they followed me to Germany by placing hidden speakers in the wall. They seem to have come from upstairs from two different locations. They harass me with their tones and suggestions but last night something different happened, something outside of the harassment, something clearly spiritual.

I was lying there waiting to sleep and began hearing what I took to be three girls speaking German. I vaguely recall seeing them. Their voices were clearly in my mind. Then it went away. When it did I could hear the harassment stuff in the background and I realized the vision could not have come from hidden speakers, etc.